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Spot.Us Launches

I’m very proud to have helped design David Cohn’s Knight News Challenge-award-winning crowd-funded journalism site. Spot.Us provides a platform for ordinary citizens to commission stories from freelance journalists, giving (1) the public a say in what stories get written, and (2) creating a new revenue stream for journalists who’re confronting budget cuts and layoffs in almost every newsroom in America.

After months of behind-the-scenes action, Spot.Us finally launched, with nice write-ups in Wired, the Huffington Post, and TechCrunch. Go check it out—or better yet, suggest a story for journalists to tackle!

Winning this Election

I just sent out a mass email, something I do very rarely.  (I think the last one announced my engagement / need for a new home for my cats when I got engaged to my feline-allergic wife.)  If it was important enough to send to everyone I care about, its important enough to reproduce here.  Full text of the email after the jump.

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My First Article Is Up at

I’ve started writing for a tech blog called and my first post is up! It’s incredibly nerdy. Go check it out!

Happy Valentines Day Pame! I Love You!

Happy Vday Pame!

Guatemala Wedding Pictures

On Saturday, Pame and I celebrated our wedding in Guatemala. Pics of the Cocktail Party beforehand, the Wedding, and some walking around Antigua.

Subway Portrait


On the R train (en route to Matchupcamp) a man across the way was sketching with a brush-tip marker. Last week I’d been chastised by One Leg Chuck for filming his performance in the Bedford L station: “These are my songs, man! It’s rude to just film someone without asking!”

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How to Treat Faceberg Like a Hotlinker

Inspired by Heather and Cory, I changed my Facebook picture:

jb facebook

Honeymoon Wrap-Up

We had an amazing whirlwind trip through wine country. Pics on flickr, full story on the flip…

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Social Network Divestment


It’s not as if I’m a heavy SNS user, but, inspired by Michael Joyce’s abdication of the web, I ddecided to make it official and cashier my Friendster and (barely-used) MySpace profile.

And to replace them? A brand-new contact page, collecting all the places I can be found on the web. (With the notable exception of tumblr. More on that soon.)

Pnkn Carvr

 i can haz punkin

Early holiday party! Pics here, explanation here.

(Also mentioned on the Make blog!  W00t!)