Team Adventeur makes it to the Startup Bus finals!


I left my house at 4am on a Tuesday to board a bus in Chinatown and embark on the third Startup Bus. We dozed for a few hours, and headed up to the front of the bus to begin pitching our ideas to the bus. By around 8am about ~30 of us wandered around a rest stop in NJ, scarfing down coffee and donuts and forming teams. My team formed to build Adventeur, a choose-your-own-adventure app for the check-in generation. The next three days were a blur of building, designing, and play-testing as we drove down to Austin for SxSW, meeting up with other buses along the way. Our app, Adventeur, made it to the finals. I had pleasure and honor of working with one of the best teams I’ve ever been a part of: Eris, Jono, Harlie, Kevin, Lior, you’re all phenomenal, brilliant, hard-working, and ego- and bullshit-free. I can’t wait to work with you all again.

UPDATE: Time magazine sent a videographer, the talented Michael Tapp, on the bus. We were featured! Check out the video.


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