Rat King Dongle


Over the last year or two there’s been a preponderance of posts and even blogs (e.g. here, here, here) dedicated to nerds and the gear they carry. At their worst, this is navel-gazing and brand-bragging of the most banal sort. At its best, it can be a way to share useful hacks.

Because I get a ton of comments on it, I’d like to present my (unfortunately-named) Rat King Dongle in the spirit of the latter.

  1. USB key drive
  2. Mini DisplayPort-to-VGA
  3. Mini DisplayPort-to-DVI
  4. Mini USB-to-USB
  5. iPod cable
  6. Buckle (clips into laptop bag)

That last part is important: find a keychain or something that’ll let you clip all these cables together. I’ve got a combination of zip ties, binder clips, and the wires themselves clipped in. Optimally you want the keychain (or whatever) to clip into a bag—even if this ungodly mass of cables falls out of the bag-pocket, its still secure.

I’ve found this to be incredibly helpful in preventing me from losing dongles because they’re no longer a single Tiny Little Thing that can get lost. Even better, when people borrow a dongle, they give it back: there’s very little ambiguity about What The Hell Is This Giant Mass Of Cables And Who Does It Belong To?, unlike single dongles which are more easily misplaced. (I’ve also added a “reward if returned” label with my “jonathanpberger” email address).

tl;dr: zip-tie all your dongles together and they’ll be harder to lose.

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