Startup Weekend is Important Because it Reminds People of Possibility

I’m in the subway, about to return to my wife (who’s forgotten what I look like) at the end of NY’s second Startup Weekend, and I’m reminded of what makes SW so exceptional. It reminds people of possibility. It reminds people that they don’t have to do what they do every day if it doesn’t make them happy. Designers take a crack at coding. Marketers get to try design. Developers—well, usually the end up developing, because everyone always needs developers.

The Weekenders will return to work tomorrow after having spent their weekend working harder than most people do in a week. They will not be relaxed. The will not be rested. But they will be refreshed, because they’ll be reminded of what’s out there, what the possibilities are in a world their grandparents couldn’t have imagined, where they can test an idea for a few hundred dollars or build a company for a few thousands.


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