Post Election Graphics Roundup

This morning I woke up for the second time in a country with a President Elect Barack Obama. It’s starting to feel real. My endorphin and dopamine receptors are completely burned out, but at least I’m no longer spontaneously breaking out into tears, so let’s take a look around. There’ve been a lot of interesting graphics marking the close of this two-year-long election campaign.


Kottke takes a look at the NYT’s cover, which was my favorite by far of the major paper’s headlines. It was spare, powerful, and dignified.

Nyt Omama Cover

There’re galleries of other newspaper headlines here and here.

UPDATE: Another great gallery here.

It wasn’t long ago that Karl Rove was talking about America’s incipient “permanent republican majority”. He might have been speaking prematurely. The only region of the country to vote more republican than in 2004 was the Appalachian belt. The rest of the country went heavily Democratic, as the top-notch NYTimes Information Graphics department shows.

Blue America

Traditional red-and-blue election maps make the USA look much redder than it actually is because population density and geography are decoupled. Cartogram maps distort the size of counties to reflect their population. M.E.J. Newman has a series of maps that tell the story well, but there’s something beautifully kinetic about this map. I think I’ll have it framed.

Cartogram 2008

Patrick Moberg’s gotten a lot of attention for this whimsical and profound drawing that could be seen as a whipsmart take of Chernoff Faces.

Presidential Portraits

Finally, the image that best captured my bleary, awe-filled, humbled state of mind when I woke up for the first time in the country that elected Barack Obama:



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