Winning this Election

I just sent out a mass email, something I do very rarely.  (I think the last one announced my engagement / need for a new home for my cats when I got engaged to my feline-allergic wife.)  If it was important enough to send to everyone I care about, its important enough to reproduce here.  Full text of the email after the jump.

Hi All,

Apologies for the mass email.  I’ll try to keep it short.

A wave election is coming, and we have an unprecedented opportunity to
repudiate the horrific policies of the GOP administration.  I know
many of you have already donated time and or money, but if you’ve got
anything left to give, your contributions will be more effective now
than at any other time.

– Because of the wave, there are congressional seats that are in reach
now that will not be in reach again.  Our 1st- and 2nd- tier races are
looking good.  Let’s target the 3rd tier.

– The smaller a race is, the more each dollar or phone call matters.
Let’s target small races.

– Because a Democratic majority is likely, we can focus on *better*
democrats, rather than *more* democrats. Let’s elect strong
progressive voices.

For these reasons, I’ve donated to most of the candidates on this
fundraising page:

Now is the time to press the advantage. Please donate any money and/or
time that you can.


ps – If you’d like to read more, I like this article about down-ticket
targeting as well as
this argument for going the extra mile

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