Notes from BarcampNYC3 (Day 1)

I’ve started to post raw notes from events I attend. For more information, see the Notes Policy.

080315 BarcampNYC3 Day 1

How to Fund Yr Startup 1230

  • David S. Rose
  • Justin Smithline
  • Jason Schwartz

Funding options

  • Free Money: SBIR grants fed gov’t (has to be useful) $50k Small Bness Innovation Research
  • Loans: renting money. safe & dependable, risk averse, not good for risky startups
  • Equity investing: investors take the risk
  • Angels – starting to band into groups.
    • NYAngels 70+ members. 300-400 plans/yr
    • $25k/investor typical for total of $250-750k
    • Expect to give up 20-40% equity
  • Advice for 1st time entrepreneurs
    • Serial entrepreneurs are heavily favored
      1. Have a story to tell
      1. Traction: Proof that you’ve done something w limited resources. Show that you can get something done w no money.
    • Use metrics to back up that story
      1. Tell the story well. Understand what the angels need to hear.
    • Check out Presentation Zen (book) by carl reynolds
    • check out pitchcoach (.com?)
    • tell it to as many people as possible and create scarcity for yr deal. leverage that for better terms. “No one’s interested until someone’s interested and then everyone’s interested.”
    • Term Sheet: not legally binding. as soon as you get it, start talking to other people.
    • How to apportion equity within the team? Take a long view
  • Bness Plan
    • some people read them, most don’t. Need exec summary. 20 pages.
    • How long should a round take? 3 mos or so. Maybe 6mos. If yr looking for 6mos and not getting bites, yr doing something wrong.

Video Cloud Computing, Calrissian-Style – Nathan

  • We’re Lando Calrissian, we need a Lobot to run our stuff
  • MUX is 4 things:
    1. STORAGE (S3): big giant video in the sky.
    2. PROCESSING (EC2): processing. Its not like a web server that you need all the time. Occasionally you need tons of power, then nothing.
    3. Datebase SimpleDB
      4: Work Queue SimpleQueueService

Fixing Social ID – Peter Ludaddi from M$

  • rebuilt machine 3 wks ago
  • found himself in a ton of different networks w a ton of clients. that sucks.
  • technical options are out there, but the issue is really social
  • OpenID
  • Cardspace
  • Dataportability.orgHank: the problem is that it’s a semanitc wed data std, which means “fail”
    Permissions vs personas?
    OpenID has personas

Graph Databases – Hank Williams

  • store and represent data
  • HW has been using a relational DB forever
  • relational DBs don’t address the way we store data
  • relational DBs are great, but not well-suited for storing knowlefdge
  • not easy to add structure after storing data
  • accounting has the same data year after yr. Relational DBs are fine. Web 2.0? Not so much.
  • PROBLEM: every time you want to change the relationship bw two objects, you need to add something to one of the objects you want to relate. This is bad. On day 1, you have to decide what yr doing. After that, changing it sucks.
  • SOLUTION: Graph database. “graph” as in “social graph”
  • don’t need to modify things to connect new objects
  • Semantic web: good idea, but mapping the graph to a relational db SUUUUCKS.
  • kloudshare

Blog to Community – Max from M$

  • Channel 9 @ M$: people called M$ “The Death Star”. Channel 9 was created to give some insight into the M$ thought process
  • Channel 8 is the student version that’s being dvlped

Get what you want – Bre

  • start doing things that you can’t do
  • ccc: chaos computer club

Startup Failures – freshbooks

  • trust yr users. make design decisions that remove barriers.

Analyzing the social graph API

  • Google social graph API
  • nodes are URL of pages
  • – algorithm for smart search
  • hotshots fb app
  • baysean, clickthrough are the competitors to social graph
  • non-graph analysis of reputation via inbox
  • people search
  • demographic clustering: “ppl who like what you like”

2 responses to “Notes from BarcampNYC3 (Day 1)

  1. RE: Angelsoft

    It’s angelsoft.NET, .com takes you to the toilet paper company.

    And, the horizontal scrolling notes frame is atrocious. Can you format that so that it’s in a fully visible column?

    Great notes.

  2. Fixed those two, thanks!

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