Open Frameworks at Eyebeam

bad hd

This is the hard drive that failed on me in the middle Zach Lieberman’s Open Frameworks “knitting circle” on Saturday at Eyebeam. I was typing away, minding my own business, when I got the Spinning Beach Ball of Doom…and then the Beach Ball froze. I powered down, got a grey screen with a flashing “?” folder on boot, and that’s the last anyone saw of this macbook hard drive. I’ve since reinstalled the original 60g HD the macbook shipped with; we’ll see if I can settle for 60g on the portable machine.

Anyway, I had great notes from Zach’s talk, but they’re in Bit Heaven now. It was a nice, laid-back, nerdy Saturday with a high concentration of ITP and CDT students. Open Frameworks is kind of a Processing environment for C++: aimed more at the intermediate user than the novice, and WAY more powerful. I played around a bit with some of the examples and ended up with some really trippy generative stuff. I’ll post it as soon as I figure out how to get it on the web.


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