Hacking Separators Into the Leopard Finder Sidebar

Sidebar Separator in the Leopard Finder

The Finder’s Sidebar is a great place to put shortcuts to often-used folders, but it can get cluttered up pretty quickly.  Some dividers would really help.  A quick “how-to” on the flip…

1. Make an empty folder called ” ……………….” and stick it somewhere out of the way. Note that you need to put a leading space in there (filenames starting with a period are reserved for the system).  To leave a note to myself, I put another folder inside and name it “enclosing folder’s just a divider for the sidebar”.

2. To hide the icon: take a screenshot (command-control-shift-4 will give you a little crosshair cursor; drag it across about 10 pixels of the blank area of the sidebar to copy that area to the clipboard), and

3. “Get Info ” (command-i or rightclick > Get Info) on the ” ……………….” folder. Click on the folder icon and paste.

Need more than one separator? You can only put a folder in the sidebar once, so make another folder w n+1 periods.


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