Quality of Life

If I want my body to continue working well into the future, I need to start paying attention to how I’m treating it now. To that end, I’ve been working on a few changes-of-habit:

  • For my hands: I’ve been learning Dvorak using the excellent DVzine.org, and at 15 minutes a day, its been coming along pretty nicely. I haven’t moved over full-time yet, but I am typing this entry with Dvorak.
  • For my eyes: I installed Time Out to regulate a quick 15-second break every 15 minutes, and a longer 5-minute break every hour.
  • For cardio, I started running in the morning using Robert Ullrey’s Podcasts for Running

One response to “Quality of Life

  1. thanks for the podcast rec. have started using it, and i like it. it makes the intervals i was already doing more interesting and i like that i don’t have to pay attn to the timing on my own.

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