Prez’08 Video Art: Romney Edition

The vibe I got was more Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy than Velvet Underground, but this ad is unmistakably weird.

In Ocean, sappy and scenic footage of the sea at sunset plays on the screen while Mitt drones on with a tenuous analogy (borrowed from Peggy Noonan) comparing depraved modern secular culture to the ocean. Isn’t the ocean a good thing? Giver of life from whence we all came? No? Republicans hate the ocean? Are scared of nature? Oh, okay. Kinda makes sense, actually.

So is Mitt trying to send a mixed signal? Democracy from New Hampshire seems to think so, and I’ll admit, its a little jarring, but its so asinine I’m having trouble crediting it as devious. It just looks like a bad ad. And as far as the Prez’08 Video Art Sweepstakes: that Mitt’s no Mike Gravel.

(Hat Tip to Liz Mair.)


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