Splasher Exposes Self

Splasher NYT

After receiving a manifesto from “the Splasher” (person(s) unknown who’s been defacing street art around NYC over the last few months), Gothamist checks in with a lengthy critique and analysis. The gut shot is below:

A) Why are anarchists always so verbose? These “criticisms” could have been boiled down to five bullet points– or just left out entirely. This much verbal production suggests a certain insecurity– a certain fear of being shut out and ignored. That feels a little sad.

While I enjoy a rambling anarchist rant as much as the next guy, I have to agree with Faile’s quoted critique:

that the Splashing was cool, but all this intellectual bullshit would have been better left unsaid.

The Splasher has way more to say about street art than about capitalism; specifically, Cory Doctorow(?), speaking of spam and email, pointing out that “any sufficiently robust ecosystem has parasites”.


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