Proper “Twenty-something” Terminology

I’ve been saying this for years, but I finally wrote it down in response to a bday email, and thought it might be of interest to the general internets-community-at-large:

On 5/10/07, <> wrote:

Ahhh, so the time has passed for my quarter of century mark. No longer a early/mid twenties but alas, a mid/late twenties. Yes, I am now a worldly 26 years of age. How boring.

I replied with the following handy chart. Pls print and clip for yr own personal use:

20 – still using fake ID
21 – early twenties
22 – mid early-twenties
23 – late early-twenties
24 – early mid-twenties
25 – mid-twenties
26 – late mid-twenties
27 – early late-twenties
28 – mid late-twenties
29 – late twenties


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