Its Still News That News Is News

Bicyclists are a boon to any city, reducing congestion and pollution and pushing back the anonymity of automobile culture. Its enraging to see this kind of motorist-on-cyclist violence (which tends to be common) and gratifying to see it publicized and punished.

Students Accidentally Catch Cyclist Assault On Tape

Tuesday May 8, 2007

A group of students on a field trip in Toronto … caught a road rage incident between a driver and a cyclist on tape … The kids’ mini-cam was pointed at the scene near Queen and Bay when the driver on four wheels got into a dispute with a cyclist on two. As the students watched in disbelief, they saw the motorist get out of his still idling car, approach the cyclist and punch him boldly in the face. He pushed the stunned bike owner onto the sidewalk where the assault appeared to continue for several more moments.

Apparently the driver was enraged that the cyclist, who lost a tooth in the attack, had stopped at a yellow light and blocked him from going through.

But that’s not what this news story’s about. The story’s about citizens using consumer cameras to do their own reportage. How much longer will crowdsourced reportage be news? I’d guess two years at the outside, but that’s just a gut feeling without any numbers to back it up.


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