Flock? Really?

I’m attracted to the ease-of-use Flock offers–i spend a lot of time in a web browser, and I’d just as happily write as I do read if it were as effortless as a right-click. But i’ve been burned by Flock registration bugs in the past, so I’m a little skeptical. Hopefully after I log out of this session it won’t fuXX0r my account settings as it has in the past.

So this bout of blogging is based on a bit of skepticism. (And, apparantly, navel-gazing.)

Yesterday I went of a fever-burn of iTunes tagging, and tonight (after an IM from the Millenial Cousin asking for my favorite blogs) the ol’ delicious got a tiny bit of love and care. Wouldn’t it be nice if my online web-two-point-oh-i-ness translates into a little real-life get-yrself-organized-ation-ness?

Yes. Yes it would.

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