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off the top of my head, bc i’m blogging a fair bit tonight:

– The Complete Bone (in a single volume) (Jeff Smith)

A lot of fun and a gargantuan effort on Smith’s part, but not quite deserving of the Best! Comic! Evar! lauds and laurels its been getting

Gary Benchley, Rock Star (Paul Ford)

I read Ford in the Morning News before I knew it was Ford, and enjoyed the column. I think i was working at SuperCorporateWorld(TM) at the time. Meant to pick up the book, never did, and then found if for $5 at St. Marks and tore through it in about a day. Light, but a good read. I’ll pick up the next Ford book i find.

Ok, disclaimer: the above link-gonhorrea is a result of 1) finding the Flock WYSIWYG editor to be pretty damn handy, and 2) having been reading blogs as if it were my job for about 4 years now, and not really writing that much, I feel as if there’s a TON of hyperlinking to attend to. This man probably put that idea into my head when i was an impressionable 18 yr old. (Thanks)

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