Reading list update

– Comics as Philosophy – didn’t read every article, but the Crisis on Infinite Earths / Liebniz, the Watchmen article and the Black captain america essays were all excellent.

– I’ve got some “Introducing Barthes” book (Jonathan Cutler) that fits in my jacket pocket so i’ve been reading that on the subway. The aforementioned Black Captain America essay has some excellent thoughts on authorship and comics as a collaborative medium.

– Plowing through Dan Dennett’s “Breaking the Spell”. Its good, but after the novelty wears off of hearing my views articulately aired, its a little tedious to be part of the preached-to choir

– Still working on Jeffery’s “The Man Who Ate Everything”. Hard to read if i’m even the least bit hungry.

– Not exactly a book, but i trawled through a bunch of Eric S. Raymond essays this wknd. He’s a little nutso, but not QUITE as nutso as he’s portrayed as being.

– I’ve been re-reading Alan Moore’s Watchmen in light of the Comics as Philosophy bit. I’d forgotten how good it is.

Ok, that’s enough of that. I’m writing this post in Flock, and while i admire the idea of putting everything in one window, i can’t say i’m crazy about the performance.


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