Reading In Parallel

There’s nothing odd about watching several TV shows or playing several video games simultaneously, but books tend to be idealized as serial pursuits: don’t start a new one until you’ve finished whatever yr reading. I have NADD and a bad habit of beelining straight for the remainders table in St. Marks Books; consequently, there’re a ton of books around, and they’re rarely completely unopened *or* finished.

I have a few cubbies next to my reading nook, and I spent this evening tearing through a handful of books. In the cubbies:

It Must Have Been Somthing I Ate by Jeffery Steingarten
Breaking the Spell by Dan Dennett
Design Research, edited by Brenda Laurel (for class)
A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
The Solitude of Self by Vivian Gorenick
Godel Escher Bach by Doug Hofstadter
Why I Am Not A Christian by Bertrand Russell
some comic-booky Introduction To Baudrillard

and a handful sitting by that I haven’t really started:

The Philip K. Dick Reader
The Minds Eye (Doug Hofstadter and Dan Dennet)
Drawing for the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

I wonder what this list will look like in a month…


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