Hello World


Well now.

I’m sure each new year launches at least as many new blogs as it does new gym memberships; here’s mine. I’ve been reading blogs (and making the occasional Overly Serious Attempts at writing them) since about 2002. Most recently, i was required to maintain a blog for a progamming class. Once the “Pat Morita, RIP” posts started appearing, i realized that its about time I had a sandbox of my own. I hereby promise to

– post whenever the hell i feel like it
– feel inadequate when i don’t post frequently enough
– eventually get off the blogspot teat and build a respectable portfolio site for my design work.

oh yeah, all the usual “about me” and “my interests” vanity parade? settle down buster, that stuff’s sure to come as soon as i get some 0’s and 1’s in order. At the moment, i bear WAY too much of a resemblance to this guy.


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